DIY: Install and Try 'Watch My Domains SED' for 30 days on a DigitalOcean Cloud Server for Free

About Watch My Domains SED

Watch My Domains SED is a cloud / web based domain name portfolio management application from Softnik Technologies and can be self hosted or obtained as a fully hosted and managed application.

Watch My Domains SED

Self hosting allows you to have complete control of the application, but has the disadvantage of having to install it yourself. This article presents a simple and easy way to do that with just a few clicks.

Auto Install Watch My Domains SED on Digital Ocean

This article was originally published here, but it has now moved to DomainPunch and is now part of the official documentation. Please use the link above.

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Domain Management

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Watch My DOmains SED

Watch My Domains SED

A Powerful cloud / web server based domain name portfolio management application

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Free 30 day trial available (credit card or email address is not required). You can host the application on your own server or ask us to host it for you.