Domain Name Activity Data Feed

Find new additions and deletions from the gTLD zone. This is an advanced online tool to access the Domain Name Activity Feed data using your API credentials. You will require an active subscription to the Domain Name Activity Feed to use this tool.

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After authentication, you can use the toolpad to search for domains that were added or deleted within the last 45 days. You can also specify the tlds, keywords, number of days or a specific date, page limits, etc.

This is not a replacement for using the API within your own scripts and tools, but you can use the toolpad for quickly accessing the data over the web.

DnPedia API Toolpad

Search For

Type in the search parameters and click 'Find Domains'.


paypal amazon apple  in:added tlds:com,net,org  on:2023-11-12

%paypal% %amazon% apple  in:deleted tlds:com,net,org  before:2023-11-12

paypal% amazon% apple%  in:added tlds:com,net,org  after:2023-11-12

%the%  in:deleted tlds:com,net,org  days:30 start:100 limit:100